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The PostThursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 9:22am
Unstable policy shifts hindering mining investments – Mutati

FINANCE minister Felix Mutati says government’s unstable policy shifts and bureaucracy are making mining investors reluctant to initiate reinvestment projects that can increase tax revenue.

Speaking at Kansanshi Mine on Sunday, Mutati observed that some investors, especially in the mining sector, had expressed concern with the current power supply limitations, government bureaucracy and policy shifts which were limiting capital inflow into economic projects and stunting growth of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

He noted that Kansanshi Mine’s $1.2 billion reinvestment capital alone would increase by two per cent the country’s GDP growth rate from between 3.2 per cent and 3.4 per cent as 70 per cent of the country’s copper exports came from Solwezi.

Mutati was responding to First Quantum Minerals director of operations Matt Pascall who said the increase in the price of fuel and frequent power supply outages had increased the mine’s production costs.

Pascall also revealed that difficulties in acquiring land title had prevented heavy equipment suppliers, Hitachi and Caterpillar, to set up workshops which would have created more jobs.

But Mutati said the government would engage the mining sector, before presenting the 2017 national budget, to iron out bottlenecks eroding their confidence to enable the country stay on course towards realising the Vision 2030.

He admitted that the government needed to assure investors that the policy implementation process was predictable and stable.

“We can’t industrialize unless we begin with sectors that are already ready and low-hanging fruits. So here we have an opportunity to convert what is waiting by way of investment, $100 million, into practical outputs creating 1, 600 jobs. So our goal is that within the next two weeks on the government side, we should be able to resolve those bottlenecks so that we can unlock this investment. At the higher level, how can we engage better with the [mining] sector and in particular, FQM (Kansanshi Mine majority share holder) so that what is waiting, the $1.2 billion additional investment should also be unlocked,” Mutati said.

Pascall said if Kansanshi Mine failed to initiate urgent expansion projects, this would result in reduced production levels by about 100, 000 metric tonnes by 2019 and more thereafter.

And Mutati, who was in the company of works and supply minister Ronald Chitotela and North Western province minister Richard Kapita, assured that the government would also engage FQM to ensure that Zambians were equally benefiting from the country’s mineral wealth.

“I think the principal philosophy for us is that we must create wealth in partnership for mutual benefit. We must have an equation that is balanced. Balanced on the mine side and balanced on the people side, which is, the people of Zambia,” said Mutati, “What is also critical for the people of Zambia is that we [need to] have a system in the mining sector that is transparent; where the wealth is shared equitably; where the local business are also having benefits. You cannot have a growing mining sector and then the local business still remaining at SMEs [small and medium enterprise]. I think as the mines invest billions in the sector, we also must have billionaires at the local level.”

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The Post
The PostThursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 8:18am
Stop mocking God by claiming to be Christians when you are not - Mulambo

SEVENTH-DAY Adventist Church Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division Ministerial and Special needs director Pastor Passmore Mulambo says those in leadership who pretend to be Christians when their actions are contrary to Christianity are mocking God.

In an interview, Pastor Mulambo said mocking God could bring serious wrath on the country.

“To open the word of God and read and pray and then do otherwise is a mockery against God and so my serious appeal to those that love the Lord, the members of this nation, in the ruling party, in the opposition party and any common Zambian…we should not do that otherwise, disaster will be upon Zambia,” Pastor Mulambo said.

He also said the hate speech that had continued on social media could only be mitigated through true repentance of citizens and forgiveness of each other.

Pastor Mulambo said God was sufficient to mitigate the nation’s challenges only if national leaders led lives according to the teaching of the scriptures.

“I believe based on the word of God, that God is able to bring a change of direction, to bring the nation back to where we are supposed to be, where we have been if the people decide to turn to God and pray to ask for the spirit of the Lord to bring the spirit of unity, the spirit of reconciliation, love and unity. The first thing is reconciliation and beyond that, those who are in power should show that they, too, are Christians through their acts, through what they speak and say, what they do in secret places and also in public offices and places that brings healing to the nation,” said Pastor Mulambo.

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The Post
The PostThursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 6:00am
Mutati’s good intentions for the economy are in contrast to PF goals - Mucheleka

THE PF has no capacity to run the economy because all they know is thuggery, says Patrick Mucheleka.

And Mucheleka says finance minister Felix Mutati’s good intentions for the economy will not work because they are in contrast to the PF’s goals.

In an interview, Mucheleka, who is former Lubasenshi member of parliament, observed that the old-serving members of the PF were preoccupied with brutalising citizens.

“If you see what has happened, it is very clear and I am surprised that people have not been able to see this. PF on its own has no capacity to run an economy so they have gone to town to hire MMD to do that for them. This is why they have put Mutati at the Ministry of Finance. Not too long ago, Mutati was campaigning with HH. Suddenly, they have hired him to run the economy because they cannot do it. They have gone to hire Lucky Mulusa to do the National Planning and they have hired Dora Siliya to run agriculture for them,” Mucheleka said.

“Their hallmark is just thuggery and brutalising people as the last five years has shown and even know. That’s why the true PF people have been put in those ministries which are at the centre of brutalising people. Whilst Mutati is talking about turning around the economy, on the other hand, Kampyongo is talking about brutalising people. So Mutati will end up getting frustrated, it doesn’t work, it is a mismatch. They have [Chisimba] Kamwbili insulting people everyday at the information ministry, they have [Davies] Chama at defense, that’s all they know.”

He further said Mutati’s good intentions for the economy would not materialise because they were in contrast to the PF’s goals.

“The statement given by Mutati as regard to the economy is full of contradictions because whatever his good intentions might be, they can never actually work. PF have forgotten that good governance is a preamble to poverty reduction. PF has no time for good governance. Mutati finds himself in an environment where as finance minister, he sits there and talks about how they can turn around the economy that has been messed up by the PF, on the other hand, you have Kampyongo as Minister of Home Affairs who believes that the only way they can make a mark is to brutalise the opposition and take away all the basic human rights, including the freedom of assembly and association. So how is Mutati going to function? Without a free press, corruption will be rampant,” said Mucheleka.

“Unfortunately, Mutati is not working with like minded people. While he is sober and honest, it is a different story for the bulk of his colleagues. I can tell you that it is either he will get very frustrated and quit or he will be fired for doing what is right. They want to buy guns and shoot us but he wants to invest in turning around the economy.

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The Post with Kebby Chibweeda and 3 others.Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at 9:43pm
STATEMENT: Statement on the Murder Case of Mr. Milumbe

LUSAKA, 2ND NOVEMBER, 2016 - We have charged and arrested a woman of unknown house number in Makeni identified as Jacqueline Mwendwa aged 36 in connection with the murder of her husband identified as Kosi Milumbe aged 38, also of Makeni after a marital dispute. This happened on 28th October, 2016 at about 19 00 hours along Bayuni road.

All stated when the accused person went to the house of her husband to pick up their three children and a disagreement ensued. After the accused picked up the children the husband who is the victim attempted to stop the wife from going with the children. In an attempt to stop the wife who was driving a motor vehicle Nissan Premia , gold in colour registration number ALL 5877 from driving off with the children, he pushed his head through the rear window with his body halfway inside the motor vehicle but the wife sped off dragging him 700 meters and that is how the victim fell off.

After turning the motor vehicle, the accused person hit the victim with the motor vehicle and left him lying on the ground with injuries. The victim managed to communicate to one of his relatives before he died from the same point.

The body was discovered by some members of the public who live in the neighbourhood who later reported the mater to Makeni Police Station.

The deceased sustained two broken ribs, head injuries and a broken leg.

The suspect is in Police custody charged with murder while the body of the deceased has since been buried after postmortem.

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